Travelbag’s: Where in the World


Whilst at Tecmark I designed an Interactive geography quiz for Travelbag, one of the Uk’s leading travel websites.

The idea was to create a quiz testing user’s geography skills by dropping pins on a custom Google map and asking them if they knew where certain locations in the world are.

I began wire framing the idea of the user selecting a choice of several pins for their answer, and that if they selected the wrong pin the quiz would tell them how far off the right answer they were in miles. I then designed a simple user interface that would allow users to keep a track of their score as well as what level of the quiz they where on.

Lots of people got involved with the quiz as It managed to generate a great boost in brand visibility, gaining over 7,000 social interactions and generating more than 21,000 users on the Travelbag domain.

Travelbag - via Tecmark

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