Holiday Gems: Where should I go on holiday? are an exciting online travel company, giving their customers access to some of the best locations in the world.

They asked Tecmark to produce an interactive quiz helping people decide which one of their destinations to go to.

I began by wire framing the user experience of the quiz the get a clear understanding of how it’ll work across both Desktop and mobile devices.

It was key that the quiz be interactive, engaging and most of all fun, so I created a simple step by step process in which by utilizing the top navigation bar the user has an understanding where they are within the quiz.

To give the quiz a fun and interactive feel, I created several illustration gifs that reacted to the players decisions, for example when selecting your ideal temperature the character will either be sweating if you have selected hot, or in an ice block if you’ve selected cold.

The campaign was well received and generated more than 20,000 visits, almost 200 backlinks, thousands of Facebook interactions and ranked number one on Google search results for “Where should I go on holiday?” – beating brands like Trip Advisor and the Guardian.

HolidayGems - via Tecmark

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