Pop Culture Month

I started this project as a way of improving my line vector skills. The challenge was to create 31 line vector designs over 31 days of famous pop culture figures – ranging from film, tv, music and gaming – and post one up every day throughout the month of October.

I started off with simpler characters, such as cartoons – but over time was able to recreate actors and other famous figures in my own line vector style.

This was a fantastic side project to get stuck into as I’d try and do every design differently whether that be experimenting with line styles or with different colours, it was important to always try and push myself and try something new with each vector.

It was really satisfying to see how much I improved my line vector skills by the end of the 31 days, and since finishing the project in 2015 I’ve been eager to make Pop culture month a platform or sharing a variety of pop culture inspired art work.

Self initiated 


Website: www.instagram.co.uk/popculturemonth