E X P L O R E: Poster series


Ever since the completion of Pop Culture Month I’ve been eager to further enhance my design skills through experimenting with different media and techniques.

I’d recently seen a lot of concept art for Movies and video games and loved the digital brush strokes used to create each piece. This lead me to want to experiment with different brush types to see what I could create.

I started by drawing basic Valley/hill scenes and then dropping them into Photoshop and Illustrator to see what I could come up with. This idea soon progressed to Character art, then later the E X P L O R E: Poster.

With the E X P L O R E: Poster I was influenced by Olly Moss’s stunning work however in the explore poster I wanted to feel like a place teaming with life and mystery. So I added in some creatures such and an Elk and some birds in the distance, and by utilizing different colour tones I was able to achieve real depth within the design.

This was a great start to working with Brushes, and much like Pop Culture Month I’m looking forward to continuing to improve upon my skills.



Website: instagram.com/jygraphicdesign