Holiday Gems - Night life guide


­One of my tasks at Tecmark was to design some content around the best Nightclubs in the world for Holiday Gems, which are one of the Uk’s leading online travel companies.

The idea was to create a Hub to feature all this content but to also make it fun and engaging to users whilst being minimal work for the Developers.

This was an interesting challenge, I began by wire framing and designing a mood board to get a general feel for what the site could look and feel like, then I sat with the developer and we discussed about how we could best make this more of a design heavy project than a developer heavy one.

We settled with the idea of creating an interactive blog that featured interactive skylines from some of the world’s best party locations, utilizing code from a previous project we combined all this with detailed information on each Club to truly entice the users in.

Client: - Tecmark

Illustration | Web Design | Wireframing