Travelbag’s: A Day in project


Travelbag is one of the Uk’s leading Travel booking websites, and as a designer at Tecmark I was tasked with producing a campaign which would allow users to experience new and exciting destinations without being there, in particular Travelbag wanted to push their Dubai holidays.

We came up with the idea of “A Day in Dubai” an interactive experience which used video’s to show the user what a it’d be like to experience a Day in Dubai. I created a scrolling website in which each section of the Day in broken down in to different videos which the user can scroll through and watch either on Mobile or Desktop.

On launch of “A Day in Dubai” it became the second most visited page on the Travelbag website, and since it’s launch has gained thousands upon thousands of page views, 89% of this where new visitors.

It’s also gained over 13,000 social interactions making it the most shared piece of content on the Travelbag Domain, and thanks to the success of the project we where able to expand the campaign into a Day in New York, Phuket, Sydney and Las Vegas.

Travelbag - via Tecmark

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